Sport Basketball Rules

1.  General

1.1 All games must start on the scheduled date (local stadium time) for bets to have action.

1.2 If a match venue is changed, all bets will be considered void.

1.3 All full time markets, including Live betting, will be settled on the final result including overtime (unless otherwise stated).

1.4 The first half results are the sum of the first and second quarters. second-half results are the sum of the third and fourth quarters, including any overtime that may be played.

1.5 Fourth quarter results do not include any Overtime that may be played.

1.6 If a match is suspended or abandoned then bets placed on unfinished Halves or Quarters will be considered void. If the designated Halves or Quarters are completed then bets will be valid.

1.7 Specifically for the 3x3, Streetball and Big3 match versions of the sport, settlement will be based on official competition rules.

2.  Bet Type

1.1 Spread: Spread betting is a straight wager on the point spread. When making a spread bet, the team you wager on must cover/beat the point spread. This means that the favored team must win by more than the outlined number of points or the underdog will receive that number of points as a head start.

1.2 Total Point: Betting on the combined total number of points at the end of the whole game.

1.3 Moneyline: Moneyline is betting on one team to beat the other.