Refund Policy

1. This Refund Policy governs money deposits to player accounts only.

2. This Refund Policy is in addition to a customer’s rights as a consumer under the applicable consumer protection laws and regulations.

3. has the right to use third parties to process electronic payments and/or financial institutions to process the user’s payments.

4. The refund request can only be considered if deposited funds are still available in the customer’s account and requested within the 24 hours of the deposit.

5. reserves the right to withhold any refund until the identity of the account’s holder is established to our satisfaction.

6. Refunds are only applicable to Jeton Wallet.

6.1 Jeton Wallet is an electronic money account. You can deposit, send, receive, or withdraw electronic payments in multiple currencies using Jeton Wallet Account.

6.2 To request a refund the customer must contact Jeton Customer Support, clearly describe the issue, and specify the requested refund amount.

6.3 For further information about Jeton, please visit

This Refund Policy is effective from 5 October 2020.